COVID 19 is a test of our strength and resilience

Without a doubt, the year so far has been a real test of our strength and resilience, both as individuals and as a community. The world as we know it has changed, and we are forced to change with it at a speed that some of us may be feeling overwhelmed by. For this reason, please ensure that in facing this challenge together we are remaining aware of our own and others mental health and nourishing the importance of self-care.

Here I have outlined three handy tips for you to consider and perhaps to take on board in order to ensure you and your family remain resilient.

Firstly, to reduce Anxiety, follow the facts. What this means is to find a reliable source of information regarding Covid-19. Be aware of the social media rabbit hole when it comes to Covid-19, it may be having a negative impact on you. I personally check the news once daily this provides me just enough information to feel informed but not overwhelmed. Social media used wisely is a lifesaver for us in this time to keep us connected, however too much of the online trivia could be detrimental to ourselves and our family. Choose wisely.

Secondly, staying physically distant yet socially connected. Our social distancing measures appear to be working well, which is great! However, let us ensure that we stay socially connected as it is paramount to our mental health.

What does that look like?

In a nutshell, less typing and more talking, preferably via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom and/or Messenger. At this time of self- isolation, it is important for us to see other faces (other than our beautiful families). Seeing others and talking to them helps us feel less alone. Putting words to our feelings helps to take the sting out of our emotions and having time with others reminds us that we are all in this together.

Thirdly, in times of uncertainty build certainty. We can build certainty in our lives by having a routine. This helps us to develop and reintroduce into our lives an element of choice and some sense of control in amongst the storm of Covid-19. Routine grounds us. Feeling out of control can really affect our mental health and wellbeing. Establish a routine where you are eating well, exercising regularly, making time for outside connection, taking breaks from work (if you are working from home) and getting enough sleep etc. Self-select a routine that suits you and your family. This will help to fill the days and decrease the tension.

Remember at this time its ok not to feel ok, it is to be expected. Reach out for support when you need. AND, its ok to feel ok, don’t feel guilty if you are feeling alright. It is a good thing to pay attention to what is not wrong and be grateful for what you have.