Gestalt therapy process groups for personal development and growth

Gestalt Therapy process groups can assist with the same issues that people explore in individual therapy, but also offer the learning potential of multiple perspectives and relational experiences. It can also be a more affordable option than one-to-one therapy.

A Gestalt therapy process group explores relational patterns and life themes by developing and deepening interpersonal relationships within the group over time. We are always influencing and being influenced by others. Thus, Gestalt therapy process groups utilise the richness of our interconnectedness to learn about ourselves through relationships with the other.

As opposed to Personal Development groups where the membership is open to all, in therapy groups the membership is constant and closed to outsiders.

Members develop close attachments and experience the group as a supportive environment in which to explore emotions, current life situations, and relationships. The group can become a symbolic family where issues arising from earlier life experiences might be addressed.

Many appreciate Gestalt therapy process groups as a means to enhance their awareness, learn to set and respect boundaries, utilise self and other support when required, learn an effective and responsible language that is clear and present, stay with and learn to label strong emotions, to name a few. Overall Gestalt therapy process groups enable you to better understand yourself and how you are in a relationship, providing you the clarity and confidence to engage in relationships in the outside world in a way that benefits you and others.

Gestalt Therapy group fees are $90.00 for an hour and a half. Group size 4 to 6 members.