Welcome, I’m Sarah

Clinical Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Emotionally Focused Therapist for Individuals and Couples.

I understand that dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, change of life events, grief, parenting, relationship breakdown and stress can be difficult and may leave you feeling confused and isolated. These thoughts and feelings can be overwhelming at times and this is when talking to a professional Counsellor or Clinical Psychotherapist can help.

Choosing a counsellor is a very personal decision and you may feel hesitant or anxious about attending counselling. For this reason I provide a safe, private and confidential place for clients to explore their issues. My private practice is conveniently located in Tweed Heads and I presently see clients from the Tweed Coast and Gold Coast. My practice as a Counsellor, Clinical Psychotherapist and Emotionally Focused Therapist is gentle and respectful in approach as my aim is to help clients increase self-awareness, relieve confusion and experience self-acceptance.

I have a Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy, specialised training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and individuals, and a Diploma of Applied Science (Community and Human Services). I am a Clinical member of PACFA and a member of GANZ, ACEFT and ICEEFT. These memberships guide and inform the ethics and professionalism I bring to the practice. I have been working in the social work field since the mid1990s.

Our Approach

At Counselling on the Coast relationships are seen as fundamental to a fulfilling, meaningful, and happy life. Relationships are in everything we do, whether it be our relationship to ourselves, our families, friends, work and others in the community relationships are an important aspect to a content and happy life.

Research has shown that accessing and having language around how we are feeling supports clarity and understanding. Together we can find solutions to create long-term sustainable change within your relationship with yourself and others through your emotions.

Investing in yourself today through therapy is a commitment to yourself that reaps rewards for years to come.

The act of revealing oneself fully to another and still being accepted may be the major vehicle of therapeutic change.
Irivin D. Yalom

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy focuses on the here and now of a client’s thoughts, feelings and situation, providing a safe space for the client to explore and expand their awareness around, how they are feeling and what they are doing. Psychotherapy privileges experiential learning which is a process of learning through experience, rather than just talking about something. Sarah helps clients to actually feel into their experience and expand their awareness around their relationship to themselves and others. This helps to create more effective solutions to the clients issues or problems and generate sustainable change and transformation.

In Psychotherapy the therapeutic relationship is seen as a healing relationship. This is backed by recent research in Neuroscience which has discovered that a relationship with someone who can supply support and understanding reshapes a person’s neurological possibilities. That is, with the right supportive environment, change is possible. For this reason investing in yourself today through therapy is a commitment to yourself that reaps rewards for years to come.

Our clients say …

Sarah was amazing. Understanding, insightful, and caring. I highly recommend Counselling on the Coast.
A safe and encouraging environment allowing growth through increased awareness with guiding support. Sarah has enabled my self worth to blossom giving me the strength to face my challenges with confidence. A great lady.

Going to Sarah was a very safe and relaxing experience. Sarah is very professional and has a soothing nature about her. I will be continuing my journey with her. Very experienced and a wealth of knowledge.
I appreciate how professional and fair Sarah is in dealing with us in couple counselling. She is always right there following us and our feelings so well. She breaks it down so simplistically for us and brings us back to what matters most. If it wasn’t for Sarah our marriage would be over.
Ken & Leanne
Our relationship on all levels is going gang busters thanks to Sarah. Counselling with Sarah was the best thing we have done for our relationship.
Lenny & Renae
Sarah is a caring professional with a big heart and a passion to be real and connect deeply. Through her presence, care and understanding I have learnt so much about who I am. I feel more accepting of myself and others and no longer feel the anguish of not understanding my relationship with myself and others.