Counselling for Individuals

Sarah Bergman provides counselling on the Tweed Coast and Gold Coast. Sarah believes that everyone can benefit from counselling to ensure their Mental Health and sees counselling as essentially being about self care. It is a time for clients to be truly heard and for them to experience themselves as they are, without fear of rejection or judgement. Some of her client’s view counselling as a form of mental hygiene that keeps them tuned into themselves and what matters most.

Primarily the first appointment is focused on understanding what is happening for you, some history taking and determining how we can be of assistance. The total number of sessions required can be negotiated after this initial session. Generally it is around six however sometimes if the issue is more complex a longer time frame may be needed and this can be re-negotiated. Some client’s choose to stay in counselling for years attending fortnightly or monthly sessions and see it as their safe place to be supported, heard and accepted in order to gain continuing clarity in themselves and their lives.

Individual therapy is a proactive tool that encourages personal growth strengthening the relationship between yourself and others. People seek individual therapy for support for varying reasons, such as anxiety, depression, change of life events, grief, relationship breakdown and stress. Within individual therapy solutions to create long-term sustainable change within your relationship can be explored and discovered through investigating your experiences and emotions. 

Investing in yourself today through therapy is a commitment to yourself that reaps rewards for years to come.

Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful parts of us.
David Richo