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How can couples and marriage counselling work?

Given you have landed on this page, you are probably looking for a deeper understanding of couples and marriage counselling. The relationship you have with your significant other is commonly considered the most important relationship in our society. From the moment we are born, we are reliant on forming human connections and seeking love and fulfilment. However, while forming relationships is an instinctual part of humanity, making sure they are healthy and valuable is learnt.

If you are experiencing relationship problems and looking for answers, here is how seeing a relationship counsellor can help.

What is relationship and marriage counselling services?

Relationship counselling involves talking to a counsellor or psychologist about difficulties you are experiencing in your relationship. Built on the premise of open communication and trust, couple counselling is a fundamental practice that helps guide couples build strong, respectful and healthy relationships.

Couple counselling is not only for married couples. No matter the length or type of relationship issues you are experiencing – all kinds of couples can seek help.

Common types of relationship issues

A solid relationship can mean different things to different people. To build a healthy relationship it is important to learn and understand the key factors that contribute to both you and your partner’s wellbeing.

Every relationship experiences pressures and issues. Some issues can seem difficult to overcome; However, we can focus on how we respond to these barriers to provide and gain fulfilment from our relationship.

  • Clear communication
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Encouragement and support
  • Trust
  • Respect

Often if one of the listed components is not met consistently, we may feel issues beginning in our relationships. A relationship counsellor can introduce you to mindfulness practices and techniques which can help you and your partner feel understood by each other.

What are the benefits of relationship therapy?

Many couples will experience periods of conflict, anger, mistrust or unclear communication. This can be scary to notice previous ways of communicating aren’t working as well as they once did. When we don’t address these issues with communication and search for a solution, what often happens is we may lose the feeling of trust, intimacy and begin noticing repeated arguments.

Relationship counselling offers a space for you and your partner to clearly communicate, express your needs and seek professional methods of dealing with and solving the conflicts in your relationship.