The beauty of difference

Survivor Australia 2016 – The beauty of difference

Survivor Australia 2016 has shown that there is beauty in difference.

The beauty of difference

Most of us have felt different at one time or another in our lives. Feeling different and like you don’t fit in can be painful. We all wish to belong, to be seen and liked as we are. Some people experience feeling different all their lives for various reasons, while others may only feel different when their ideas, thoughts and feelings aren’t in sync with the majority.

Contrary to how it may feel, it is OK to be different. The insecurity that comes when difference arises is a primitive wish to belong for survival. And, yes in times of crisis it is necessary to pull together to survive and generally in those times difference in others becomes irrelevant, as we pull together to overcome the crisis.

When there is no crisis and difference emerges, people tend to feel on the outer and others may unintentionally or intentionally co-create this situation with the person in question. When we as humans gravitate to people who are similar and avoid difference we do ourselves and the other a disservice, for there is real beauty in difference.

The beauty in difference is the opportunity to learn about your-self and the other and perhaps even allow a new perspective to emerge. When we surround ourselves with what is similar we get more of the same, when we surround ourselves with difference we learn, extend our boundaries and create new opportunities.

Survivor Australia 2016 – beauty in difference

The sole survivor of 2016 in her beautiful difference overcame adversity, extended her boundaries, stepped out of her comfort zone and continuously created new opportunities for her-self and at times others.

At the end the jury of Survivor Australian 2016 experienced the beauty of difference in that they began to see that the sole survivor did play the game, just not in the way they played.

She played her way. In the end the beauty of her difference was revealed!!

Living and owning your difference whether it be a big or small part of your life can be difficult at times. Help is available on the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast for exploring who you are and accepting your own difference or others, please feel free to call

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