Mindfulness tweed heads


Mindfulness and Gestalt Psychotherapy

Gestalt Psychotherapy methodology emphasises staying present in the “here and now” in order to build awareness around what we are doing? And, how we are doing it? Essentially we practice mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about living with awareness. It helps to be aware of what you are doing, as this promotes choice and change. What am I doing now? How am I doing it? Would I like to do it differently? Mindfulness or living with awareness creates space and understanding. As we slow down and become more aware we get to know and understand ourselves and others better. This promotes confidence in ourselves and allows us time to choose something different rather than behaving in our usual ways that may no longer serve us. What does that feel like when I do this? What does it feel like when I do that? Which would I prefer??

Mindfulness involves taking a step back, observing and describing ones thoughts, emotions and behaviour without judgement. We become curious about who I am, what I do and how I feel/think/behave in the moment without self-criticism. When we judge ourselves for the way we feel, think or behave we are adding a secondary thought, emotion or action, this clutters the mind,  complicates and distracts us from our original feeling, thought or action, which often has a deep desire to be understood or heard. When we are mindful we are connected to ourselves and others in more meaningful ways.

Mindfulness skills training is used to provide assistance for: Anxiety, depression, stress management, pain management, eating disorders, health and well being and parenting.