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How to Relieve Anxiety – Rest and Restore with Nature

How to relieve anxiety?

  • Anxious?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Stressed out?
  • Need time out from the demands of life?

Taking some time for yourself in nature can be a beneficial way of resting your nervous system and thus relieving anxiety.

Nature provides an opportunity for all of us to slow down and notice what is happening. Nature provides the space to work through what we may be feeling anxious about and time to consider what we need? Bush walking or walking on the beach and breathing deeply can help relieve anxiety and bring you into a more balanced state of mind.

Slowing down and stopping for a moment in our natural surroundings away from screens and the relentless drone of life (and our thoughts) can help us to connect more deeply with the natural world. This often provides some space for us to connect more deeply with ourselves and what our needs are. What do I need to feel less anxious in my life?

To relieve Anxiety nature offers us much beauty and in that beauty there is a sense of serenity. To enjoy the serene we must firstly pay attention.

Look outward, look away from ourselves and allow the beauty of nature to meet us. It helps us put things into perspective by providing us with an enhanced view of the world, our situation and ourselves. Natures tonic provides us with an experience that we can sense with all our senses. The cool or warm breeze on our skin, the smell of the flowers, the buzz of the bees, the taste of the sea and the seeing of the birds bouncing around in the trees.

There is no disputing that anxiety is a difficult and uncomfortable emotion, it feels overwhelming and we can often feel tense and contracted. Slowing down and giving yourself some timeout to enjoy the wonder and beauty of nature may be all you need.