How Gestalt therapy can help with Stress

There are many different ways to manage stress, including identifying your triggers, relaxation techniques, lifestyle changes and seeking support from others or a Counsellor or Psychotherapist.

Learning how to handle stress in healthy ways is very important. Fortunately, it is easy to learn simple techniques that help. These include building awareness around behaviours that contribute to stress, recognising when you are becoming stressed or have already become stressed and learning how to reduce stress once it has occurred. It is also helpful to explore what drives the stress in your life. Is it insecurity, fear of failure or a need to have things perfect?

Following are some tips on how to look after your mind and body in order to manage and reduce stress in your life.

  • Identify warning signs
  • Identify triggers
  • Establish routines
  • Spend time with people
  • Look after your health
  • Notice your self-talk
  • Practice relaxation

If you feel you are unable to manage the stress in your life seek support from a professional Counsellor or Psychotherapist to assist you.