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Reasons why life adjustments and changes are hard

Life is not a palette of black and white. There is a lot of grey area. In fact, life is more like a rainbow: there are even colors that you can’t ever see. If you are struggling with changing yourself, even if you know what you’re doing wrong, it is okay. What makes it hard […]

Empty Nest Syndrome – What is it?

Recently my first born left home and this change stirred a wondering inside me. What will it be like to have no kids at home? A mixture of excitement and sadness arose in me and I began to think about the Empty Nest syndrome and its impact on parents. Firstly, what is Empty nest syndrome? […]

Motherhood Unmasked!

Without a doubt becoming a mother is a wonderful and joyous time where you are filled with love, elation, excitement and gratitude. Your new little bundle of joy! While this is true, (especially when they are sleeping or feeding well) what about the times when your reality is not one of joy but of frustration, […]

Can stress actually be good for you?

Stress is a perfectly normal experience in life which can be triggered by circumstances individual to each of us. While we rarely hear anyone saying, “I’m so happy to be stressed”, there are definitely some stresses in our life that can be considered as ‘good stress’. So, what is stress anyway? Stress is your body’s […]

Understanding your Inner Critic

Do you have a critical inner voice? Our critical inner voice from time to time can cause us to experience nagging thoughts of self- doubt, especially when we decide to push ourselves and try something new. For example: taking on a new challenge, starting a new job, attending to a new task at work or […]

COVID 19 is a test of our strength and resilience

Without a doubt, the year so far has been a real test of our strength and resilience, both as individuals and as a community. The world as we know it has changed, and we are forced to change with it at a speed that some of us may be feeling overwhelmed by. For this reason, […]

The Psychology behind mental confusion

Are you feeling Confused? Lately, in my practice as a Gestalt Psychotherapist I have been hearing a word more often than usual; confusion. While it is normal to feel confused from time to time, prolonged periods of confusion can leave you feeling overwhelmed. This uncertainty of not knowing can often lead people into the quagmire of […]

How can couples and marriage counselling work?

Given you have landed on this page, you are probably looking for a deeper understanding of couples and marriage counselling. The relationship you have with your significant other is commonly considered the most important relationship in our society. From the moment we are born, we are reliant on forming human connections and seeking love and […]

Why is solitude important?

All you need to know about The Benefits of Solitude In this busy world of achieving and striving for perfection to feel like you are enough, it is easy to forget the benefits of solitude. In fact, many of us are afraid to be alone with ourselves. In these alone times of not doing fear, […]